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Don't compare thee to a Summer's day, because I currently look like a hot mess. 

Oh to be in a crowded park of sun worshippers, or arranged like a tinned sardine next to countless others getting their alfresco fix outside an independent cafe. This honoured season has always been dubbed the 'one to remember' - so with this year's midsummer festivities on hold, I'm indulging in what would have been, in all its golden-hour glory. 

Makeup | Multi-colours 

For someone who loves colour, and tries to inject it into their wardrobe wherever possible, it's amazing how such an aesthetic has never managed to work its way into my makeup bag. I've been a slave to the same earth-toned eye-shadow palette for years... no really - I've had it for years. This summer was set to be one filled with experimental looks, most notably, the multi-coloured eye-shadow. One may shudder at the thought of a "rainbow" eye, and I agree; picking the wrong shades can certainly take you from couture to clown in seconds (unless you're Alexa Demie.) It's inherently outlandish, but it doesn't have to be "scary". Pastel colours are a great place to start - see above - and create the most gorgeous refracted hue. I think it's a beautifully feminine and incredibly stylish update to your Summer makeup arsenal. If this still sounds a bit much, I'd start with a muted coloured eyeliner - a dark blue or green would be perfect - and work your way up. 

Home | Hostess With The Most-ess 

There's a point in your twenties where random items once considered mundane and uncool become the absolute bread and butter of your existence... for me, it's dining-wear. Previous tables and desks have been a no-man's land of unwanted mail, unwashed clothes, piles of paper, notebooks and the occasional vase of dead flowers. But oh, how I've grown. Bequeathed with the old family arts-and-crafts table, it now sits proudly in my living room waiting to be adorned with an eclectic mix of vases, candle holders, plants, mis-matched plates and beautiful crystal glasses - most of which would of course be sourced from the charity shop. Apart from these marvellous resin place mats and coasters from Wild One Interiors. It would be a curation of everything I love, surrounded by the people whose energy, laughter and wit enrich my little life. Brunch, evening drinks, games nights, buffets, I would have loved to have hosted them all. 


The waistband is a cruel mistress; she's always there to remind you when you've eaten one too many slices of the weekly lockdown bake, and I don't know about you, but she's always digging into my soft spots. With the current trends dressing from the waist up only - who wears trousers on a Zoom call? - the rest of this Summer is set to remain as cool and casual outside of lockdown as well as in. Here's how; 

 Printed Pyjama Party 

Swapping your eye mask for a PPE mask is an optional accessory for this Summer's trend. Billowing sleeves and bright, bold prints that make you feel large and in-charge are the vibes I'm needing right now. Megan Crosby is set to be releasing her Summer Solstice collection on the 29th May, and has recently filmed a sneak-peak of her fabrics over on Instagram. While it's still unsure what creations are coming into play, her back catalogue promises some matchy-matchy perfection. I crave the aura Emma Louise Connolly gives off in her matching H&M Collection set, and Zara can do no wrong with their plethora of printed pieces currently on their website - my fave is this 70's inspired leaf print set - featured above; I would pair with lilac accessories and these ASOS tortoise shell sunglasses. If a matching set sounds a bit too much, let some printed trousers do the talking and keep it plain up top - these pants from & Other Stories would be perfect. 

Relaxed Tailoring 

It's your favourite tailoring, just, well, less tailored. Perfect for looking put together on the Friday night Zoom drinks call (with comfy bottoms OFC). Think earthy linen blends in muted colours like beige or olive green, paired with loud, quirky accessories and show-stopping shoes to give it a lil edge. For some online inspiration, look no further than Emili Sindlev's Instagram - now there's a gal who knows effortless chic! It's also right to note that charity shops ooze old-lady blazers and trousers, so be sure to shop around your local second-hand when you next get the chance (Ebay will be the best option for now). 

Slide into these suckers 

I lived in my Topshop tiger print platform sliders last year and they were the comfiest things ever. This year would have been no different, apart from a few new contenders in my shoe-drobe (not as fancy as it sounds, it's literally the floor of my utility cupboard). Fighter one would be these red leather mules from ASOS, versus these adorable pink jelly sandals - also from ASOS.  And in the lilac corner - these glove mules from Everlane. Honourable mention should also go to Miista - a brand I've loved for years who seem to be the reigning leaders of creating the perfect summer shoe. I've currently got my eye on the Malia Degrade Leather Sandals  which would look bomb with some light-wash denim. 


Wishing safe and sound energy to all x 

*Graphics created through multiple Pinterest and Instagram images* 

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  1. Lovely article Emmie a great insight into fashion in this socially distanced summer, keep writing x

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed! x