Still here...


I've been stalking myself a lot recently. Is that weird? Probably. But let's see it more as the modern way of being nostalgic, which is exactly what I felt whilst looking through all my old 'outfit' posts (the thought of doing one of those now makes me cringe slightly). I love how sassy I was to call my first outfit post 'It Girl'. HA, amazing...

A lot has changed since then; 2013-2018, that's a long time to have owned a blog for. I'm now in my final year at university, I'm 21, I have just celebrated a year with my first serious boyfriend. I'm a very different person to when I started. It's also worth noting that as of right now my journalism skills have gone down the shitter. When all I've done for the past three years is write essays you can imagine that my creative flare has dipped ever so slightly. Perhaps that's why I find myself frequently coming back to my blog for the first time since my unannounced break back in 2015. It's another time in my life were, when faced with the task of deciding 'what's next', I lean on my creativity to guide me through. 
I don't care about if anyone but me is reading anymore. And that is so fucking good to say.
Of course, if you are reading this and you aren't me (this is what I mean about my pants writing style...) then biggest, warmest wishes and of course, you are always welcome to dabble in a lil' bit of Emmie (...see) I just think it's really cool that I have a website tbh. It's the simple things.
I can't believe blogger's still on the go actually, and it's still free. Get in. 
Anyway, I'm still here. This blog is still dear to me. 
Let's go from here and see what happens...

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  1. I find myself stalking myself way too often, I kinda like to be able to see how I was feeling or what I was doing or thinking at a particular time?? That's my justification for the inherent narcissism anyway...ain't it cool that a blog is your own private place?? (I mean 'private' because literally the whole world could read it but its entirely yours) for me it offers a kind of haven of safety...

    1. I agree, I love looking back over old blog posts or instagram photos and remembering what I thought was so special about that event/time/picture that I had to document it. ANd yes, a blog can definitely be a safe haven, just you and your thoughts (and yes, sometimes the whole world as well!)