The Lazy Girls Guide To The Galaxy.

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One of the best things about being young is the fact that you can still haul yourself through the door at 4:30am and lounge in bed for the entirety of the next day and nobody will bat an eyelid. And yes, I have just described my night out and bed ridden day I am currently having; this blog post is brought to you from my bed which is surrounded by the contents of my clutch bag, my heels, makeup, and the majority of items from my wardrobe. In all, it has unapologetically been an unproductive day to say the least.
It did get me thinking though, is being lazy really such a crime? It seems that these days if you aren't grabbing life by the balls 24/7 then you are obviously failing at being a human. This has without doubt stemmed somewhat from the impact of 'online influencers' *eugh* on Instagram where perfectly pert twenty-something's are starting each day with a gallon of skinny juice and then hiking up mountains, only to get that victorious 'top of the world arms out open wide' picture, putting us mere mortals to shame as we start our days with an unfashionable bowl of Weetabix and a wee.
Even though I'm all for a day of Netflix (or some kind of free video streaming network that's probably illegal but you're a skint student so yolo) I do realise that there is a different between having a chill and just being plain lazy.
Here are some things to bear in mind, and also things to do to try and prevent laziness; lord knows I need to practice what I preach.

Have a plan of actionIf I am a girl with a goal, my day instantly becomes more productive. This is mainly instigated by my special super power - I call it, 'the-power-to-make-really-dense-and-long-lists-that-instruct-me-to-do-certain-things-throughout-the-day-so-I-cannot-become-distracted'. The thrill of ticking each task off with pride is something that is not to be missed out on. I also suggest buying some pretty paper just to make the experience all the more riveting.

Get Up Early: One of my goals this summer is to get up early and watch the sun rise. There's something 'spiritual' about waking up and rising with the sun. What I mean is, even though that extra hour may seem appealing, try your best to drag yourself out of bed so you can enjoy the morning and fill it with as much as you can, even if it's just little things like replying to emails or playing with your dog! (Btw, the picture above is actually a sun set not a sun rise... I'm still working on the whole 'getting up early' thing).

Moderate Yourself: Like I said before, don't feel guilty if you aren't doing things all the time; having allotted days to relax and crash out are a necessity and also feel more enjoyable. It's just making sure that it doesn't become too much of a habit. If you find yourself stuck on a day that is particularly dull, do things like exercise, reading, cooking, find new blogs to read or even create your own if you haven't already done so!

After a day of copious napping and eating left over Indian takeaway food, I'm excited to have a productive day tomorrow and get back on track. Where that metaphorical track leads I'm not so sure, but it will probably mean I'll be repeating today scenario again sometime in the near future. Haza!

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1 comment

  1. I definately agree that you should try to get up earlier , I told myself this yet I managed to get up at 10 today (not so great at all I know!!) but when I get up earlier I get so much more done and i'm usually in a much better mood throughout the day.