Pink-tinted vision.

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If someone asks me "what is your favourite colour?" I automatically say red for some reason.
But I'm lying.'s actually blue.
It's always been blue, I am subconsciously drawn to it. It dominates a lot of things in my life. My room is blue, the majority of my wardrobe is blue, the back ground of any of my online pages are blue, most of the things I post on Tumblr are blue...even as I'm writing this I am being distracted by the amazing blue colours of the sky outside.
But something very odd has happened.
 Recently, and very suddenly, I have been living in 'pink-tinted vision'- a phrase I have conjured up to explain my obsession with anything pink. For someone who sticks very much to one colour palette this is a very peculiar experience. It all started with this pink suede skirt from ASOS and then this pink playsuit from Lavish Alice and then, well, it's kind of just escalated.


 *pictures taken from Tumblr and Pinterest*
pink pink pink pink pink pink


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1 comment

  1. Such a gorgeous shade, and I am in love with that bag in the second image x
    Laura | A Life With Frills