Wear and Tare. - Denim SS15 .

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A recent catastrophic event has occurred in my life.
 My favourite jeans have gained a tragic rip to the crotch... absolute nightmare. So naturally in this time of mourning, I began thinking about replacing them with another good pair of jeans.
'A good pair of jeans'. There's something very comforting about that sentence, and the answer to many a question that might be thrown at you in life;

 What should I wear tonight? a good pair of jeans
You know what you will look great in? a good pair of jeans
You know what will cheer you up? a good pair of jeans

 So, I was thinking, what does actually constitute as 'a good pair of jeans'? I mean we all know to look for the basics, fit, comfort, stretch factor, surface texture (ex- textile student if you haven't already worked it out) etc..... but I'm talking now. As in, the here and now.

What denim is going to be running the game in SS/15?
Let's have a look...

 // Faustine Steinmetz //
Steinmetz is tearing it up...literally. She is taking the word 'texture' to a whole new level, with her amazing and intuitive creations. Denim dominates her debut S/S15 collection in such an exciting and diverse way; rips, shreds, frays, acid washes to deep moody blues... oh, and did I mention that it is all hand made? Top marks for this up and coming designer. She's a one to watch, for sure.

 images taken from http://www.faustinesteinmetz.com/ & Polyvore
// Rihanna for ID & FourFiveSeconds //

images taken from www.i-d.vice.com 1st image taken from Tumblr

I am living for Rihanna's cover shoot in the latest issue of I-D magazine. Wearing designers such as Craig Green, Maison Martin Margiela and Matthew Dolan, she is setting the perfect example of wearing men's denim and getting away with it whilst looking uber sexy and edgy at the same time (always a big hit). Rihanna also has opted to do top-to-toe denim in her latest single 'Four Five Seconds'; I love how she has dropped the shoulder and belted the denim jacket she is fashioning as a top - so frikkin' cool.
// Inspiration //

 images collected from Tumblr & Pinterest
 // The Verdict //
Overall, I definitely think we are seeing A LOT of diversity in the up and coming season. I really like the fact that we are moving so boldly away from the bog standard skinny jean with knee rips. Yeah it looks good, but come on we need to be more adventurous!
From the 'research' I've done for this post, I'm seeing an abundant of raw edging, frayed seams, slouchy fits and layering.
Final Verdict > I need something denim -circa now- in my life.

 Thank you so much for reading, I've thoroughly enjoyed writing this one.

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1 comment

  1. I luv luv luv this, especially the style in the Rihanna photoshoot.

    -Magenta x