Going Gorillaz // Gorilla Perfume Volume 3 - Lush blogger event.

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.Last week I was ever so kindly invited to a blog event at my local Lush store in Middlesbrough for a cheeky sneak preview at the 3rd instalment of their Gorilla perfume range. Firstly, can we just take a moment to appreciate the magnificent packaging; channelling an antique and rustic feel each scent has it's own unique lil' bottle and wonderful label, making it already a perfect addition to your dressing table and Instagram feed.
.So, Volume 3, the rebellious 'Death, Decay and Renewal' unisex collection;
"inspired by the cyclical nature of life"
The collection seems more like a form of art - the concepts and inspiration behind each individual scent really enhances the personal touch that each perfume possesses.
My personal preference in a scent is something woody, smoky,  not sweet and girly. This meant that I was particularly attracted to ' Dear John ' - my favourite addition of the Volume 3 collection. It has a real earthy smell to it...think cedarwood and coffee notes. This perfume also strikes an emotional cord with you - to read the back ground story to this scent click here


The ladies at Lush put on a lovely event for all us bloggers, we even got to make out own face mask!
The plastic gloves were on and we all had a go at mixing and squelching the ingredients together to make the ' Catastrophe '* face mask (pictured below). Perhaps I got a little too carried away with all the squishing and stuff, but it turned out pretty damn good and we all got to take a bit home with us in our amazing goodie bags.
Obviously Lush is the perfect place to go for mother's day. Whether you treat her to a gift box, a bubble bar, or my personal fave - 'Yummy Mummy '* you will be spoiled for choice.

1. The Ultraviolet bubble bar.*
2. The Phoenix bath ballistic.*

Once again, a massive thank you to the girls at @lushmiddlesbro for hosting this brilliant event... looking forward to more in the future!

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