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Jumper - from a charity shop // Trousers - Zara // Sunglasses - ASOS
Wearing sunglasses indoors kind of just happened.
 I felt as though this outfit needed more oomph, so I rummaged around for these bad boys. I've missed them. They were gluuuuued to my face last summer; I remember wearing them on holiday and one of the reps said I looked like I was from star treck. Massive complement obvs. I just think glasses make every outfit 10x cooler, it gives a real kooky, laid back vibe.
Anyway, enough about the glasses. On to the outfit. These Zara bottoms have been my saviour; the cold winter mornings walking to college have become a lot more bearable, and being warm and fashionable is, like, one of my favourite things evrrrrr.

There's supposed to be high arctic winds coming to the UK soon.
*silently sobs whilst putting on a third pair of woolly socks*


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